The Shire Drive

Sunday 2nd Monday 3rd January 2022.

We were due to leave the site in Swaffham at 11 am, we were in no rush to head home but didn’t have anywhere else booked. On the spur of the moment I had suggested we head to The Denby Pottery Centre that we previously visited in April 2021 on the way back from Yorkshire. Whilst there we had purchased a part dining service but whilst using it we realised we needed some small side plates.

Our journey was not a direct route home and it took us from Norfolkshire through Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and today Staffordshire, discounting part of several borough districts.

By the time we had had lunch in Homer and made our purchase it had begun to rain heavily and gone quite dark so we headed to a pub stopover a few miles away rather than struggle home.

The New Inn Pub was at Little Eaton a few miles outside Derby, there is a large park and in normal times an extensive and not too expensive menu, however unfortunately for us they stop serving food early on a Sunday afternoon, so instead we used up some of the extensive food reserves we had in Homer. Out of politeness we had a drink in the pub, the least we could do as there was no charge to stay. The surrounding area was good for walking Layla with lots of interesting buildings.

Journey back from there today was swift and simple, we travel the A38 so often it’s like an old friend.

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