Zierikzee – Holland

It rained overnight until about 9 am so we didn’t rush off this morning. Our first stop was Vlissingen a large town about 10 miles away, we managed to park on the cinema car park quite close to the town centre and walk in.It is on the coast so celebrates its maritime connection as well as being very cosmopolitan, there are a great number of restaurants from every continent, my friend Arthur would have enjoyed trying them out.

Tuesday 24th May 2022

It has quite a large port and three pilot boats are used to guide larger ships in.
Not sure what he was looking at but he was still there later.

After lunch in Homer we drove along the coast to the seaside town of Zoutelande, our two German friends regularly holiday there so we had to go and see it. It was a very lively little resort with a busy market through the streets and a wonderful stretch of beach.

The clouds look very dramatic but it remained sunny.

We’ve driven quite a few miles over the past two days so we decided to shorten todays drive and chose a motorhome stopover at Zierikzee which is on the island above where we spent the past 24 hours.

To get to Zierikzee we had to cross the Zeelandbrug a connecting bridge 3.3 miles long, thankfully it wasn’t a toll bridge.

A Google image.

Tonight’s stopover Camperplaats De Zandweg is a purpose built motorhome stopover with full facilities, it’s not manned you just pay at the machine on entry, 17.50 euros including tourist tax. It is approx a mile from Zierikzee and we walked into town after our evening meal, it appears all shops close at the end of the afternoon but there were bars and restaurants open. Again it was fascinating to walk around with some amazing buildings and an attractive canal surrounding the town.

View from where we are stopping.
A house squeezed in?
This building had wonderful chimes sounding out the half hour and full hour, unfortunately it was 20 minutes fast.

One Reply to “Zierikzee – Holland”

  1. It is a beautiful area. Many years since I was there. I have cycled across that 3km long bridge and remember it being very windy. Take care. Peter.


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