7BC03775-F0C4-4673-AAD9-E7DA80193D8C.jpegLayla is our Cockapoo companion, she was born on Oct 27th 2017 and became part of our family on Jan 2nd 2018.

She is a bundle of energy, a real fizz ball and loves meeting people and other dogs and wants to be friends with everyone, this was important to us as we didn’t want aggressive behaviour from a dog especially whilst travelling.

She now has her pets passport and has made her first trip abroad to France via the ferry.

May 3rd 2018 Layla was spayed and has been feeling sorry for herself for the past few days but has been showing signs of returning to her effervescent self.



In total contrast to the above the recent weeks of high temperature has made Layla seek the shade and she dives into any water she can find. Today July12th 2018 we took her to be trimmed, she behaved beautifully and should be cooler.

Since those first days Layla has travelled extensively having visited, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Spain, her claim to fame would probably be that she has dived into the water in many of those countries. Rushed up to and received fuss from hundreds of people including tourists from as far away as Japan, USA and Australia and had her photo taken numerous times.

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