Prep for next trip.

We knew that following our two trips away there would be a few things we might wish to change/ improve before our next trip in 6 days time and so this week whilst the other half has been away “sunning” herself on a school residential trip I began to carry out a the odds and ends we wanted to try.

Firstly I arranged to have air suspension installed on the rear of the Hymer, I bought the equipment from Marcle , I placed the order at lunchtime and the package was delivered at 8.20 am the next morning, who could complain about service like that. My local garage had agreed to carry out the fitting which they duly did and following a short spin on the way home I did notice an improvement in the handling, we will see how we feel following our longer journey.

Air suspension unit.
Another area of improvement I wished to carry out was to improve the lighting in the kitchen area, the light over the hob and sink is more than adequate and doesn’t cast shadows when working there. However when you turn round and use the work surface for food preparation the light source is less than adequate.

I regularly read the blog and the author had outlined how he had fitted a LED lighting strip in his Hymer, he had replaced the two existing lights above the dining/ seating area, both for improved light but also because the draw on the leisure battery when not connected to mains is minimal. So as he recommended the one he had purchased I bought the same system from Amazon and set to:

Firstly I gathered together a few basic tools, I uncovered the power source to an existing light and used that to run the power to the new lighting strip, two small holes were drilled in the over head lockers and the wires passed through, a couple of connections later and hey presto we had a new light across the ceiling above the food preparation surface.

Another small issue was the kitchen tap leaking, after dismantling a part of the tap it became apparent it was leaking from around a rubber grommet, it obviously needed replacing. A trip to the local caravan and camping spares centre was necessary, all to no avail, I could buy a whole tap for £49.50 but no rubber grommets. Time to visit my second home, B and Q, and lo and behold, a whole packet of varying sizes for the princely sum of £1.95, plus being a Wednesday I had my 10% discount. It took 5 minutes to carry out the replacement and time will tell if it’s successful.

Looking at a few articles/blogs of other travellers the odd item of concern pops up with regard to security. It appears that if motor homes are broken into it is the windows that are forced, our Hymer has three catches on each window in the living area which should be a help, however the driver and passengers windows are sliding windows and don’t look too difficult to force. With this in mind I’ve crafted two thin metal bars that drop into place when we are parked up which prevent the windows sliding. It also occurred to us that there was a need for somewhere safe to leave ipads, passports etc whilst we are out and about. I have heard that some people buy a small safe and have it bolted to the floor, not sure how easy that would be and it would  have to reasonably large. Thinking about an alternative I gave thought to the space under the front seats. Each seat is on top of a steel box about 45cmx45cm and 30 cm high which is open on the front, the front of these are not easy to see by looking through the window so it spawned an idea. I’ve made a metal door with a catch and padlock that drops into place on the front of the passenger seat box, hopefully should the worst happen this will provide an extra level of security.

Obviously whilst working on the Hymer I’ve been on the front drive of the house quite regularly, it’s been fun to share humour with passers by who have stopped and told me they like the logo I put on the side ” weem off  tara a bit, ” mostly I think because they are local they understand it, but they have commented would people when we are on our travels? I have explained that I hope it will be an ice breaker and we may get chatting to people because of it.

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  1. The chief navigator, fashionista, general dogsbody, was actually getting rather wet, as the weather was rather unkind and decided to pee down for most of the week. Not much chance at all of sunning oneself, but rather a case of dodging the rain when at all possible. However, glad that my other half was being productive and not having lots of siestas!!


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