Weem um again

Wed 20th Sept 2017

Well here we are exactly eight weeks after we left “back um” again, or at least back at the England home, it was a very strange experience driving today, I felt I was on the wrong side of the road and on one occasion Michelle had to tell me I was on the French side!

Last nights wild camp in Plymouth was a first for us in the uk, the place was on several camping apps so we knew it was acceptable to stay there, it was eerie though to pull up in the dark not able to see where we were and what was around us. It was therefore a pleasant awakening this morning to open the curtains and see Plymouth Sound with boats going back and forth and naval ships moored up. The car park is part of a view point, parkland area and was well frequented by dog walkers.

We drove from Plymouth to Ilminster to call in on good friends Keith and Jenny, we are always given a warm welcome and Keith’s coffee is a legend, we talked non stop for two hours and then sadly it was time to depart and a quick, well, very quick for Homer, journey up the M5, mostly travelling at 60 to 70 mph.

Now Homer is parked outside waiting for us to organise his service and MOT before hopefully not too long we will be going away for a few days.

Altogether on this break we travelled 2,830 miles in Homer.

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