St Emilion

December 12th 2017.

After a previous 24 hours of non stop rain we woke up today to blue skies and sunshine and a temperature that rose to 14 degrees in the sunshine.

We decided to visit one of our favourite places St Emilion, we normally visit at least once a year, if we are here in May we go for a meal to celebrate our wedding anniversary otherwise it’s rare that we don’t at some time during the year take guests to visit. Strangely for one reason and another we hadn’t made it yet in 2017, so here was our chance.

St Emilion a World UNESCO heritage site is a small town famous for its wine production and is situated 22miles NE of Bordeaux close to Libourne. It’s history goes back to prehistoric times but it was the Romans who planted the vineyards between the 2nd and 4th century. The town is named after Emilion a monk who in the 8th century settled in a hermitage carved into the rock, the monks who followed him started the commercial wine production.St Emilion is a tourists delight with its beautiful Romanesque architecture and amongst others having wine shops galore, it’s also famous for its macaroons.

Normally my senior shopper spends hours in and out of the clothes and jewellery shops, however virtually all of them were closed, not just for the day, but for up to 4 months, as it said on the shop doors ” we are taking our annual break!” what profit must they make for the rest of the year if they can afford that? Even our favourite restaurant was closed for months. Apart from a small party of English teenagers on a school trip we saw no other tourists.

I’m sure many people have a bucket list of places they would like to go to should funds suddenly appear, one of ours is the hotel in St Emilion, the Hotel Plaisance. Look below at the photos to see why it may remain a pipe dream, the room costs don’t even include breakfast!

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