Tuesday 12th June 2018

We left the French house early this morning in heavy rain which made it difficult to get Homer off the grass drive, I will have to put down a load of limestone chippings next time we are out.

We made good progress travelling north stopping for a coffee outside Nontron where I went into Intermarche to purchase some WD40 to treat an annoying squeak, next stop was Le Blanc where we stopped for lunch.

We are now parked up at Loches it has four small aires all free for the night and all within a few hundred metres of the town centre, we tried two and they didn’t feel right so we are now on number three surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees of a park.

Loches is a town in the Indre and Loire department, it commenced its life around 500AD and its castle/chateau was for many years the residence of the Kings of France. It was here that Joan of Arc arrived after her victory at Orleans to meet the French King. As you can imagine there are lots of examples of fine architecture here.

The past two days before departure were busy with a mixture of activities to finish our tasks before departure, we managed one quick run out to a vide grenier and I purchased an object to renovate as an ornament, although it could be useful as it is a walnut press and this year for the first time we have walnuts on our tree, all 8 of them!

We also had to take Layla to the vets for her tapeworm injection and pet passport examination that took three minutes and left my pocket 49 euros lighter.

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