Flashing, banging, chopping and walking.

Sunday 12th August 2018

We have spent the last hour sitting outside in darkness watching a spectacular thunder and lightning storm, the lightning was a mixture of sheet, forked and horizontal flashes with rarely less than 30 seconds between each flash.Layla sat there mesmerised by it all and showed no concerns at all. The ferocity of the lightning made me glad that two days ago we chopped down the last of a large dead willow tree close to the house.

We have spent the last few days working hard on tasks around the house including a few more loads of limestone chippings to extend the drive.

Today we visited a vide grenier at St Laurent des Hommes which sadly this year had fewer stalls than normal. I came away only having spent an euro on a baguette that by this evening was inedible. We did whilst there bump into our neighbour who owns the donkeys and had a good chat to him.

After that visit our friends Peter and Alison took us to a local canal that diverts part of the River Isle and we had a pleasant walk along its banks.

We spent this afternoon preparing Homer for a journey as tomorrow we intend to head south towards the Pyrenees. A friend Ade is travelling North up through Spain on his motorbike and we hope to meet up with him in Potes in the Picos de Europa next weekend.

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