There’s snowhere to go!

Monday 25th January 2021.

Homer’s wheels have been stationary since the end of October 2020 when he was MOT’d and serviced and had two new tyres on the front, the previous set had done 18,000 miles.

Several times recently we decided to use Homer to do a short, Covid accepted, trip to the supermarket or the DIY store, just so that his tyres might park up differently on his return home and the engine oil etc would get warm. Every time we nominates day something occurs to prevent us, twice now a heavy snow fall, we’re not going to select a day now, just get up one morning and go before anything can prevent us🙂🙂

We bought him a new wireless reversing camera for Christmas, Michelle said I bought it for myself😉 but the weather has been either too wet or cold for me to work outside to fit it. Never mind it looks like it may be months before we get the OK to travel again so we should have plenty of time.

I’m due the Covid vaccination sometime in the next fortnight, if they bring out a vaccination passport who knows I may be able to travel sooner than expected. I would have to go with just Layla as Michelle is far to young to have the vaccination in the near future😂😂

Ah well stay safe everyone, keep dreaming of future travels.

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