Sat 24th April 2021.

Yesterday we spent the day pretty much the same as the day before, we had a relaxing morning and then during the afternoon walked down into Robin Hoods Bay.

Today, although we are staying outside Whitby , we first drove north past Whitby to Staithes.

Posing with my mate Bernard Cribbens😊

Staithes is a very pleasant small traditional fishing village. Again there is a very steep downhill walk to the harbour through a winding street with traditional houses.

We walked around the harbour on top of its thick wall which protect the boat moorings and sea front houses from the North Sea storms.

There is a river running down into the harbour and at high tide many of the boats access this and moor up there.

The giant sea gulls here cause a lot of problems.

We enjoyed our visit there today and felt it was the kind of place we could visit again quite happily.

After leaving Staithes we drove to our current 5 van site, Shaun Rigg at Ruswarp which is approx 2 miles from Whitby along a public foot path alongside the railway track. We walked into Whitby but in away timed it wrong, it’s Saturday, sunny, people are seeking freedom from Covid lockdown and thus it was crowded along the harbour side. We will return tomorrow morning when it should be quieter and visit Whitby Abbey, Michelle is into Bram Stoker and Count Dracula so she is keen to see more.

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