Glastonbury Cottages and Camping Site.

Saturday 8th May 2021

Today we drove 140 miles south in heavy rain and strong winds to the above campsite. It’s 11 days since we returned from our trip to Yorkshire, we have had time to catch up on chores and restock Homer. We are at the start of a 15 day tour along with our motor homing buddies Alison and Peter.

The campsite is close to the base of Glastonbury Tor and we have a good view from Homer.

Peter and Alison arrived a little later than us having a much longer drive, but shortly after setting up we took advantage of it being dry to walk up to the Tor. The route from the site took us along two quiet country lanes to the start of the off road footpath, both the Tor and the fields around it are in the ownership of the National Trust.

The walk up is steep and had us panting somewhat, there is a narrow concrete path including flights of steps that lead to the top, unfortunately the path leans down the slope and Michelle felt far from safe.

The view from the top is quite spectacular even on a cloudy day, however the wind at the top was so strong that you had to lean at an angle of 60 degrees to walk across the top. It didn’t lead to a comfortable stay and we walked down sooner than we planned.

As I write this Homer is being buffeted by the wind so I have a feeling we will be rocked to sleep tonight.

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