Bigbury on Sea.

Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th May.

We arrived here early yesterday afternoon in warm sunshine, the site is a working farm which has several large fields and you can pitch up where you wish and select your view. This evening the farmer involved us and other motorhomers in guiding several flocks of sheep across the road to where tomorrow the ewes will be sheared.

Shorn sheep or Shaun the sheep

I have been promising to bring Michelle here to Bigbury on Sea for years as she has seen it on T V and heard my friends and I often talk about a visit we made some years ago.

The whole of the area has very poor wifi and phone signal, between us we have access to four different providers but non are better than any other, hence the delay in publishing this blog.

View from Homer.

The view is of Burgh Island, it has a great character pub The Pilchard Inn and an Art Deco Hotel made famous by Agatha Christie who based at least one of her books on the island.

The date on the front states 1335.

We have visited the pub twice over the past two days and sampled the Otter beer, today we had a quick snack to keep us going as we were out for 5 hours, Michelle had gourmet crab on chips, all very expensive but enjoyable.

At low tide you can access the island. by walking across the beach but when the tide is in you can gain access by paying to take a ride on the Sea Tractor.

Michelle enjoying her treat.

We walked to the top of Burgh Island where there is a stone building that used to be occupied in the past by a lookout whose role was to spot the herring shoals and alert the waiting fisherman.

When the tide is out you can walk quite a distance along the beach, the scenery is stunning which ever way you look.

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