Tuesday 6th July 2021.

I’m pleased to say the rain eased off during the night and we woke up to a sunny day. We said farewell to Amanda the friendly landlady and drove down into Brynmawr and then followed the valley down towards Cardiff. It was a very green journey trees cladding the mountainside and bordering the road, I would imagine it would have been a different picture in the past in the heyday and height of the industrial time, coal mines and steel making would have prioritised.

We drove to Lock Keepers Car Park on the edge of Cardiff Bay and a few hundred metres from the Welsh Senate building, we are in the heart of this part of Cardiff with all its new architecture, restaurants, pubs street food etc. Best of all, we are staying free😊 the pay machine hasn’t worked for at least 12 months.

Norwegian Church.

Just past this point is the senate and the the Wales Millenium Centre in the centre of the above photo is the Pier Head building dated 1897.

Welsh Senate.
Millenium Centre.

The people of Cardiff are very conscious of the dangers of Covid, even the statues wear masks.

From here it’s a bit of a walk to the centre of Cardiff, but when needs must we walked it ( there are regular buses) our first port of call was Sophia Gardens a park area next to the River Taff, you can park motorhomes here but it’s £17 a night. A short walk from there is Cardiff Castle, a magnificent building, you can access the grounds free but have to pay to go in the various buildings, dogs not allowed in so we didn’t participate.

The main shopping area is opposite the castle with several narrow Victorian era arcades, we stopped in one and I enjoyed a pot of tea, we didn’t visit the shops not that type of trip.

We walked back leisurely on a different route and by the time we got back to Homer we were weary, altogether we had walked 6.7 miles. After tea we has another stroll around the water edge until it began to rain, we got back to Homer just in time to watch the Euro semi final, Italy v Spain. Again thankfully the rain stopped overnight.

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