France October 2021- Blog 6

Sunday 7th November 2021.

It’s our last evening here, one night short of a full five weeks, we knew before we arrived that after a twenty month absence there would be specific tasks that would need attending to. By the time we had been here 6 hours that list, now written had become rather long as the whole scenario we found unfolded before us before bedtime that first night. I’m pleased to say that we have completed the list of tasks, we ache in every muscle and joint but have a sense of pride in what we have achieved , we have even completed extra tasks that were improvements and not just returning to status quo. However our pleasure in finding a small hole in the roof fabric and repairing it was short lived as on one of the few occasions we have had a heavy rain shower the roof leaked again. So waiting until the weather was suitable I again climbed onto the roof where very quickly the fault became evident, three tiles had slipped down from the ridge, they were quickly pushed back into place and I mixed up a bucket of mortar and sealed them in place.

Give a man a hammer😊

I’m pleased to say that eventually our card to enable us to get rid of our household rubbish eventually arrived.

It’s amusing how much pleasure it’s arrival brought us, we were able to fill the boot with our rubbish and try out the card.

The instructions.
The scanner.
We opened the container bye bye rubbish.

You also have to use the card to visit the local tip, a wave of the card at the scanner gets you a personal welcome and the barrier rises and an attendant guides you to the correct receptacles.

Two days ago we took Layla to our local vets where she has been registered for some time where we requested a French Passport for her. There was no difficulty, and 30 minutes later we walked out clutching the valuable document, the visit in total cost 125 euros, but the actual passport was only 30 euros. This will mean we will no longer have to pay our English vet £135 every time we visit Europe.

Dual nationality Layla.

Although the weather has become a little more Autumnal we have still managed to spend a lot of time outdoors, the field has had its second cut, we’ve managed to eat outside virtually every day and have seen some wonderful sunsets.

The well mowed field.
A beautiful sunset with an evening mist creeping in.

The last night is always sad, but our next visit in April next year is already booked😊

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