Nieuw-Vennep, Haalemmermeer.

Wednesday 25th May 2022

Tonight we are staying on a motorhome stopover on a farm called December Houeve, strange name but only 14 euros a night.

This morning started bright and sunny and we did a quick trip to the local Lidl before heading north. We have only spent a brief time in Zeeland/ South Holland and will definitely return again to explore more. It’s a very agricultural region with fields full of crops and not livestock. We headed north on the motorway system, they are very busy and we seemed to cross numerous bridges and drive through lots of tunnels, it’s one of those move on days.

We are where the blue dot is showing it was only 84 miles from Zierikzee.

We are in what is supposed to be “ tulip country” we haven’t seen any growing anywhere but it is the end of the season, there were however some for sale in the automated farm shop.

5 euros for 7 stems, pay by card.
Eggs were 2.50 euros for 10.

We are not really near a town worth walking to but there s a leisure lake approx a mile from site with a beach and cafe restaurant that we took a walk to this afternoon. It wasn’t an easy walk as the wind was gusting over 20 mph, at one point we literally came to a standstill leaning into the wind.

As we walked back, there are no footpaths you have to take your life in your hands and use the cycle paths which are also used by scooters and mopeds, I spotted in the grass alongside the track an iphone that someone had dropped. There were loads of teenagers returning from high school so I can only assume it was one of them that dropped it. It’s locked of course and although it has burst into life a few times with phone calls we can’t answer them. Google has shown a police station a few kilometres away so I will take it there tomorrow morning as we head on north.

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