Bright Idea

IMG_1046When you are having one of those restless nights and the mind is whirring, it’s amazing what bright ideas crowd the mind and what seem like brilliant plans are made.

For the past 26 years I’ve spent virtually every holiday at our house in France, when not there, there have been the odd excursion travelling around France and visiting friends in Germany.

So what about the Uk? Well very few breaks taken here, the odd night in hotels for family gatherings etc and whilst we had our Bongo a trip to East Anglia, the Lake District and one glorious holiday week in Scotland.

So the bright idea began to form, why not over the next few years aim to spend at least one night where accessible by motorhome in every county in the UK! Over to Google where the information appears to differ, but according to ” a list of counties in the uk 2017 by James Harding” there are a total of 110. N.I has 6, Wales 22, Scotland 34 and England 48.

It looks like we could be busy, but what a nice challenge.

One Reply to “Bright Idea”

  1. You’ve set yourselves a interesting challenge and one that’ll be great fun to achieve. You must have already visited quite a lot of counties, so some down and many scores to go! Enjoy – J&B xx


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