The Secret Garden/ Wisbech.

Sat 25th July 2020

Our pitch at the Secret Garden campsite.

We are staying on this campsite near Wisbech, it is 11 acres in size but only has 34 pitches, the site is divided up into little clearings where you can park in one’s, twos or even a group of four. Each pitch has a fire pit and they sell firewood for you to burn. There is a mini brewery on site and you can buy drinks during the evening, there are shelters provided against bad weather where you can sit in comfort. This evening we had ordered a curry meal from a mobile curry van, it was Sri Lankan cooking. We shared between us, onion bhajis, naan bread, Sri Lankan coconut dhal, chicken kothu rhoti, Sri Lankan cashew nut curry and Sri Lankan chicken curry all washed down with local beer, delicious😊

This morning we walked into Wisbech along the River Nene, you get the feel that it is a town going through a change, it’s a little down at heel, it has been a wealthy town, in the past a busy port brought prosperity and this is reflected by the buildings near the river. However now it seems to be populated by many eastern Europeans with their culture and shops, Im sure like many other towns in the UK this change will be assimilated and bring a new strength.

During the afternoon the weather changed and we had heavy rain showers which began again later in the evening, thankfully we had dry weather this morning on our 4 mile walk to and fro Wisbech.

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