Spalding and Moulton Linconshire.

Friday 24th July 2020

A beautifully sunny start to the day, marred only slightly by some petty official on site barking in a bad mannered way about me walking Layla on site, ah well. We walked a few hundred metres from site to Overton Station on the Nene Valley Railway, unfortunately the trains weren’t running but the station was very attractive.

We drove north from Peterborough to Spalding and parked up in Sainsbury’s car park. The town centre was nothing much to get excited about but the river area running around the town was very attractive.

On the opposite side of the river next to the church we discovered Ayscoughfee Hall a house built in the 1500’s as a family home which now houses the town museum. Unfortunately like many other things at the moment it wasn’t open but the gardens were and we spent a pleasant time there wandering around and sitting on a bench in the sunshine.

From Spalding we drove a short distance to Moulton, near Holbech, this hasn’t been on our original itinerary but I was keen to visit as it was the birth place of my ancestors on my father’s side, they lived and worked in Moulton, Holbech and Fosdyke.

Moulton also has the highest windmill in the UK and was used similar to Holland to help drain the surrounding flat land.

There was a wedding going on in the church whilst we were there so we couldn’t explore that or the grave yard, but some of the local building s were interesting.

From Moulton we drove to Wisbech where we are staying for the night at The Secret Garden Campsite, which thankfully has turned out to be a great place. We had pre ordered pizza for an evening meal from a van on site so no cooking necessary!

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