Ferry Meadows/Nene Park Peterborough.

Thursday 23rd July 2020.

There have been in the past several blogs written from here as it has been for some time the venue for our annual family gathering, the Bash. Unfortunately we didn’t get together this year due to Covid, however we decided to use the site as a one night stop over as Peter and Alison hadn’t visited before.

Together again.

After setting up and having lunch we went for a long walk around Nene Park which is a fantastic country park with cafes, lakes, wildlife, a miniature train, picnic areas, BBQ points, and acres of open space for family gatherings.

We had a BBQ meal this evening, chicken kebabs, salmon, baked potatoes, sweet corn, salad, cous cous etc eased down with a drop of red wine.

Layla using her pleading eyes on Alison to get a biscuit.

We took another long stroll this evening around another lake where the setting sun gave us wonderful views.

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