Sunday 26th July 2020

After last night’s heavy rain, today started bright and sunny, we packed up quickly and were soon on the road.

We had decided to take a small diversion from our planned route and visit the city of Ely, last night we had carefully tracked down a suitable car park.When we first drove into the city we went straight past the car park, mainly because the name at the entrance was different from that on the map, we quickly backtracked, not easy in a city, and found a good spot, it was free for 3 hours and only about 200m from the cathedral.

We weren’t able to enter the cathedral but it was pretty spectacular from the outside and is one of the largest in the UK.

Very close to the cathedral is a house that once belonged to Oliver Cromwell and is now the Tourist Office.

Oliver Cromwell’s house.

After the sight seeing we walked around the pleasant town centre and came across a Food Street market where we were tempted by some goodies for lunch and tea. We returned to the van for lunch and then drove to St Neots where we are staying tonight on a camping and caravanning site. It didn’t take long to set up and we all decided to go for a walk to stretch the legs. The Great River Ouse borders the site and we walked along its banks until we reached a Weir, lock and bridge enabling us to cross the river. By some strange chance on the opposite bank was a pub and we felt duty bound to partake in a drink or two in its garden.

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