St Neots

Monday 27th July 2020

I’d love to write a glowing report of our visit to St Neots but unfortunately the weather has been pretty miserable on and off all day, heavy rain and strong winds. When I took Layla out for her early morning walk it was lashing down and didn’t ease off for some time.

When it stopped we took a walk to St Neots, unfortunately we had only gone about 400m when the rain started again, by the time we got to the town centre it was raining so heavily it made looking around too unpleasant so we headed back via a lovely riverside path through parkland back to Homer where we spent a few hours drying out, never mind we will have to come again.

We can’t fault the camp site we are on, staff are friendly and helpful, facilities are good and there’s plenty of good walking all round the site, I would certainly happily return again at some time in the future. Michelle has been greatly amused all day as people struggled to put up tents in the strong wind, it was quite evident that some people had never put up a tent before, makes us appreciate the motorhome lifestyle where within 10 minutes of arrival we can be sitting outside with a coffee.

We managed to sit out for an hour early evening until the rain reappear ed and drove us indoors

As I was sitting here writing this blog a wonderful rainbow appeared, I have taken a photo using my phone but the picture doesn’t do it justice.

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