New roof light/ vent.

April 25th 2020.

At the start of our European trip last September we drove across Belgium in torrential rain, when we pulled upon an aire late that afternoon it became obvious that the bathroom roof light/ vent was leaking. Not a lot could be done that evening other than place a bowl under the drips. The next evening we were on a motorhome stop over in Holland and I managed to borrow a long ladder from the owners. Upon inspection there was no obvious reason for the leaks but as a precaution I used some waterproof tape to seal around the roof light where it met the roof. There haven’t been any leaks since so this obviously provided a temporary solution to the problem.

Last month when installing the solar panel I noticed a long crack had appeared in the outer skin of the roof light so I applied a smear of mastic as a temporary measure and made the decision that it was time for a new replacement. I purchased a replacement one on line, only method in these Coronavirus times, using a company called Leisure Outlet, delivery time was 5 days.

So a combination of warm sunny weather and time on my hands led me to tackle the replacement. Taking out the old one was relatively simple, removal of four screws on the inside, then use of a sharp knife and flat scraper on the roof.

When measuring the size of the old vent it was 40cmx40cm however the profile of the new vent was slightly different and meant there was a need to enlarge the hole by approx 10mm on two of the sides. Out came the trusty jig saw and a few minutes later the hole was the correct size and the new vent dropped into place.

I lifted the vent back out and applied a layer of Soudaflex 40FC to the underside and repositioned it, when in position I ran a bead of Soudaflex around the outside where it joined the roof. I could have done with an extra pair of hands to fit the inner skin, holding it in place, and realised later that I should have taped it in place to make it easier to line up the screws.

The new roof light is white not cream and has a white inner fly screen not brown and it has certainly made the interior of the bathroom lighter. Of course the other half has commented that we need to replace the one over the kitchen so that they match! Watch this space.

2 Replies to “New roof light/ vent.”

  1. Hope you are well. We have just had to repair the fridge in our motorhome and give it a good clean. Like everyone we are missing not being able to get away so I have been camping out in ours for the Great British Campout for the NHS. Let’s hope this is over soon. Look forward to next blog. Karen and John


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