Fernweh and Coranavirus.

Wed 1st April 2020.

This evening we should have been travelling from Portsmouth to Caen with Brittany Ferries to spend a few weeks in France, but as we all know Coranavirus has put paid to everyone’s travels. I recently read an article and wrote a thread on another blog site about “Fernweh”.

All my life I’ve enjoyed travelling and like most motorhome owners am always looking forward to the next trip I’ve always believed I suffer from wanderlust. However after reading the article I realise I don’t have Wanderlust but Fernweh.

Wanderlust is the opposite to home sickness and could be defined as the desire or urge to travel, whereas Fernweh elevates that urge to a need to travel.

So having to submit to the current lock down conditions with very little hope to be able to travel in the coming months is very difficult to come to terms with, our trip to a Scotland in May that we had enjoyed planning is now cancelled and there is little point in planning a different trip. We are complying with the social isolation, not too hard when you are used to spending time as a pair in a small motorhome! To keep busy we are decorating areas of our house and the past eight days has seen us transforming the kitchen from pine to grey.

On a positive note all our extended family and friends and readers of the blog are currently virus free and fingers crossed we will all come out of this with out too much trauma. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

One Reply to “Fernweh and Coranavirus.”

  1. Your efforts are well spent. It looks good. Trouble now is that someone not far from me will be getting ideas!


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