Lights – Camera- No action.

Thursday 19th March.

Over the past few weeks in between dodging the heavy rain showers that have plagued us I decided to add a few additions to Homer to ready us for this years touring season.

Firstly I fitted a wireless reversing camera that I purchased via Amazon, the model I decided on was a Boscam K1 Wireless Reversing Camera. I chose a wireless version as I couldn’t with my limited knowledge of motor electrics see how to wire a normal one. There are reported possible problems with “ interference” to the signal on a wireless version but so far on my few reversing trips up and down our drive it has worked well. The camera and transmitter are powered by connection to the reversing light whilst the screen is powered by plugging into the 12v supply ( cigarette lighter). It took me about 2 hours to install on my own, most of which was spent getting under the motor home and back out again to decide where to drill the entry hole for the cables, I stayed under there for 5 mins at one point whilst it snowed. Time will tell how useful it is.

Then I installed a solar panel as we intend to do a lot of free camping on a trip to Scotland in May (see later comment). After research I opted to purchase from Sunstore a 120w solar panel kit complete with all wiring, solar charge controller with twin USB output and a tube of Soudaflex for attachment to the roof. There are good downloadable instructions onSunstore’s site plus a video on YouTube showing how to fit the panel.

Firstly you have to attach the feet to the panel, here the dining table came into use, then after deciding where to site the panel came that moment where you have to overcome the hesitation and drill a hole through the roof for the cable.

I had just drilled the hole when the weather decided to instantly change from lovely sunshine to heavy showers so I hurriedly had to feed the cable through the roof and fit the entry gland to prevent ingress of rainwater. Internally I fed the cable through several wall cupboards and down to the position for the solar charge controller, next step is fit the cables with inline fuse to the battery and following instructions/ sequence to wire everything together. Unfortunately the rain became continuous and the wind strengthened and I was unable to glue the panel to the roof, I spent a restless evening concerned the panel would have blown away overnight!! Fortunately it hadn’t and the next morning I used the Soudaflex to attach the panel to the roof and tidied up the wiring. It appears to be working but as the battery was fully charged there has been no need for it to be recharged, I will obviously need to run something in Homer to drain the battery a little and see if the panel tops it up. I have used a multimeter across the terminals and it is showing the panel is providing power.

Now with reference to the title, no action, and the message in brackets. We were due to join friends Peter and Alison this weekend at Bolton Abbey Motorhome and Camping Site in Yorkshire but unfortunately I have developed a cold that I don’t wish to share with others so we have sadly had to take the decision to cancel. Of course we are also at the beginning of the Coravinus epidemic with the strong advice not to undertake unnecessary travel and I’m also in the age group that has been advised to stay indoors for ones own safety. Who knows then when Homers wheels will be moving again, we can only sit and dream. We are also unable to travel to our French house in 2 weeks time as all passenger ferries are now cancelled to Spain and France. We do hope that a solution is found as soon as possible for everyone’s sake.

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