Dipping the toe – Clee Hill

Tues 9th June 2020

We had no commitments for the day and the sun was shining, Homers wheels were itching to move so we decided to have a ride out, dipping the toe into normal motorhome life before Covid restraints are lifted and camp sites open.

First stop Sainsbury’s petrol station for diesel at £1.05 a litre and then we headed west into Shropshire via Bridgnorth. It took a while to get used to driving along and enjoying looking over hedges and fences and seeing those things out of bounds to a car driver. We had also forgotten the state of the roads as we thumped and crashed along, it was like driving in Belgium!

Just short of Ludlow we turned left and drove up Clee Hill to a car park on the left at the highest point the road reaches. From here you can see for miles and the view is well worth taking the time to enjoy.

We had the makings of a drink with us and a few biscuits but the fresh air and pleasure of being on the road made us hungry so a quick nip 800m back down the road to the chip shop solved that problem. We took a short walk after lunch sheep were as wandering around as usual blasé to people and cars, Layla dismissed them with a glance, obviously didn’t think they were worthy of her time. We drove approx 70 miles in all and we were out for 5 hours, it felt as though we were participating in normal life again, not a queue in sight!!!

Clee Hill car park.
View towards Wales.

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