What normal people don’t visit the local council tip when they are on holiday? Doesn’t everyone accumulate so much unwanted, finished with, unused items, they have to go somewhere.

This is a recent collection of scrap metal.
So we bravely decide to visit our local council tip or dechetterie, we always approach with great trepidation, often there is a refusal that we have the right to take our rubbish there, or that we even exist, now we go armed with two forms of i.d. proof of council tax and several utility bills.

Is there an International training centre for council operatives of tips? In England there’s lots of arm waving directing you to various skips, shouts of you can’t dump that it’s not official rubbish, or as recently you can’t throw that house brick in the rubble, you have to pay for a sack full, despite pleas of I’ve only one brick, there was no permission, “powers to be have dictated the rules.”

Is it different in France, well yes, firstly you have to be allowed through the barrier, after some time the operative will approach your car and demand to see what you have loaded within. This is greeted with a look of horror, much pursing of the lips, shaking of the head, a shrug of shoulders and a long pffffff, before deigning to open the barrier and point you in the direction of the correct skip, woe betide you if you have a mixture of items this can cause a melt down.

After unloading your items under the eagle eye of the operative you are dismissed with a cursory wave in the direction of the exit and a look that indicates that they hope not to see you again in the next decade. No wonder we accumulate so much rubbish, we are too frightened to dispose of it!

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