French Markets

Most French towns still have their weekly market, this is in Montpon Menesterol. In spite of the prices often being higher than in the local supermarket, they are still very well patronised. The produce is fresh, often unique to the seller and shoppers have their favourite stalls.

As you can see from the photographs there is a wide range of goods to purchase, live chickens/ ducks either for breeding, egg laying or for the oven! Yet metres away you can buy the cooked item from the rotisserie along with some sautéed potatoes which cook in the fat dripping from the birds. There’s every vegetable in season, including at the moment asparagus/asperge which varies in diameter from the thin green stalks to large white ones. There are spices, olives, plants, clothes, furniture everything you could need and which sadly you can’t buy in shops in town as everything has moved out to ” out of town” shopping areas where the supermarket, petrol station and large stores dominate.

With such a diversity of goods, what did we splash our cash on today? Two euros on a tub of fresh goats cheese!

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