Vaduz – Liechtenstein

Sunday 22nd Sept 2019 – Day 21

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels in Vaduz the capital city of Liechtenstein which is a small country of 160 sq km with a population of around 37,000, it is 24.6 km long and 12.4km wide.

The castle that hangs over the town is a private home of The Reigning Prince Hans-Adam 2nd of Liechtenstein, the city centre of Valdez is very modern with some wonderful architecture using stainless steel and glass, through the main pedestrianised street there are modern sculpture and fountains, unfortunately being a Sunday not all the shops were open but if you like watches then you would feel as though you were in heaven here, most don’t have prices displayed, I believe they work on the principal “if you need to know the price you can’t afford it!”

We are staying in an official motorhome stop over which is in the car park of the local football stadium, the car park has a capacity of approx 300, when we arrived around lunchtime it was empty but there was a match at 4pm so by kick off it was pretty full, 20 mins after the game it went back to being empty.

Approx 20m from Homer is the River Rhine, alongside which is a cycle path, in July my 77 year old cousin and his son rode their bikes the full length of the Rhine approx 900 miles in 10 days. It seems very strange that here we are in September in exactly the same spot that they rode along.

The border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland runs down the centre of the river. About 800m from us is an ancient wooden bridge crossing the river which we took on our afternoon walk and found ourselves in Switzerland.

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