Luzern / Lucerne – Switzerland.

Monday 23 rd September – Day22

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels in Lucerne, a few feet from the edge of Lake Lucerne. Luzern or Lucerne is a compact city in Switzerland known for its preserved medieval architecture, its sited on Lake Lucerne and surrounded by mountains.

As I’m writing this I’m watching the sun sink down behind the mountains, which couldn’t be a sharper contrast to the start of the day. At 5.30 am it began to rain heavily and didn’t let up at all until we were approx 10 miles away from here, not the best start to our motoring across Switzerland, the only relief I had from driving in the rain was when we went through a tunnel, 12 in all today. We shouldn’t grumble as that’s the first time it’s rained during the day since we left Belgium.

However shortly after we arrived the sun came out and we spent a pleasant and very warm afternoon walking around Lucerne, we even managed to have a drink as we sat outside a bar. Again today Layla was regularly the centre of attraction with people stopping to fuss her and an Australian couple insisted on taking her photo.

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