Dudmaston Hall Estate

Friday 26th Jan 2018

Today was the first day that Layla was allowed out in public and we felt the need to take some exercise, so after a quick stop at an agricultural outlet ( Telford Farmers Market) to purchase a new pair of wellingtons fr me, we headed for a National Trust property near Bridgnorth, Dudmaston Hall.

We knew the House wouldn’t be open but looked forward to a walk around its pleasant grounds, unfortunately it was closed. Not to be beaten however we drove 100m down the lane opposite it’s entrance to Old Saw Mill car park, part of the Dudmaston estate.

Here we parked up put Layla’s lead on and headed off across the car park, then through the gateway to the fields came a couple with their 4 month old Cocker Spaniel puppy, Layla’s first encounter with another dog other than her siblings some time ago. They spent a few happy moments gambling around each other and hopefully all future encounters will be as pleasant.

We walked approx a mile in total not overdoing this first walk, which when your legs are only 15cm long must seem a long way, she enjoyed every minute sniffing and snuffling, wading through a puddle etc and showed no signs of fatigue on our return to the car.

Looks like we are going to get a lot of exercise in the years to come.

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