Montreuile – Day 2

September 21st 2018

Two days ago when were travelling along the coast we read that a storm was about to hit the UK, this info helped us to decide to move further inland and look for a more sheltered spot.

During the night it rained quite heavily and the wind began to blow, thankfully by the time we got up it had stopped but the wind has continued to blow fiercely all day. Homer is tucked into the corner of the campsite, we have high grass banks on two sides of us and a 3m high wall on the third, we are totalled sheltered and have been able to sit outside this afternoon, whilst 50m away the trees are thrashing around in the heavy wind.

We have on two occasions today walked up the steep hill into Montreuile which is a walled citadel/ fortress the walls are built of brick and range from 10 to 30m high inside those, there are other fortifications and moat like structures. It’s possible, and we did, to walk around the 3km ramparts of the walls, there is no wall or fence between the path and the sheer drop of the walls, in today’s wind it was quite nervy at times and Layla constantly walked up to the edge and looked over giving Michelle heart attacks.

Discretion/ fear prevented me taking better photos of the drop!

There are a good selection of small shops, restaurants and hotels in town and we enjoyed a good mooch around buying a couple of nice cakes from the patisserie. The streets are all cobbled which has kept its traditional feel but makes for an awful noise when the cars drive over them.

In the centre of the town is a statue of General Haig, leader of the British army in WW1, the army based its headquarters here during the war and the General stayed in a nearby chateau.

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