Lake Mohnesee and Soest.

Wednesday 8 th June 2022.

Pleasant driving today on good roads, we decided to take a short detour and look at Lake Mohnesee as it looked picturesque.After driving around the lake for a while we spotted a large car park next to the dam so we pulled over to have a mooch about.

On the walk from the car park to the dam there was a small garden which turned out to be a memorial garden.

A monument on the way in.
This said , “Children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers people like you and me drowned in the floods”.

We connected the monument and plaque to a disaster connected to the dam but it wasn’t until we walked a little further that all became clear.

If you double tap on the photo you will be able to read that this was another dam hit by the Dambusters in 1943. Over 900 people drowned as well as 50 RAF people losing their lives. When you read these details it makes you feel wars are so futile.
The river below the dam.

It was a short drive from there to tonight’s stopover at the campingplatz which is in the grounds of a motel a few hundred metres from the city centre. After lunch we walked into the town which was a good balance between old and new it actually had a few shops selling items we were looking for. One was a bread knife, German bread is very good but the outer crust is so hard it is difficult to cut your way in, I also bought a German road atlas, that may seem a bit pointless as we near the end of our time here in Germany but the one we have is dated and not a good scale. It will be handy for next time we come😊As we finished our shopping it began to rain and as we didn’t have coats we were a little damp by the time we got back to Homer.

There were lots of roses growing outside the houses.

The City dates back to medieval times and has a long and checkered history. It still retains a defensive stone wall almost circling the whole city, there is a path next to the walls with grassed areas on either side with a huge variety of mature trees along the walk. After our evening walk we decided to walk around this perimeter a distance of almost two miles, we were about half a mile from Homer when it decided to rain again, we had coats with us this time but as I’m wearing shorts my knees got wet☹️

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