Edersee and Willingden.

Tuesday 7th June 2022

When we got up today it was as though the whole world had come out of hibernation, shops were open and there were people everywhere. We went to Aldi and struggled to get on the car park.Any way after topping up with essentials we headed NW to our first stop a short distance away Edersee which is in The National Park Kellerwald Edersee. We parked in the village and walked a short distance to a dam at the end of a huge reservoir / lake. This dam is the one that was destroyed in WW2 by the RAF and what is now known as the dambusters.

Unfortunately for us they have resited the museum and it’s new location wasn’t on our route.

You can drive around a large portion of this lake but it is a long distance the road twists and turns and it was 3rd gear work most of the time so we cut off the lake road and headed north.

Waldeck Schloss seen from the lake.

Our total journey today was only 47 miles and our destination for tonight’s stay a campingplatz at Willingen.

Willingen is high up in a wooded mountain area, tonight we are at 604m above sea level. The area is more well known and set up for winter sports with loads of ski trails everywhere. It’s quiet at the moment but I can imagine it being very busy in the winter, there are ski lifts which take you up to the summit Ettelsburg at 838m above sea level. There is also a sky walk which is 660m long and 100m above ground, loads of bars and restaurants in town to keep everyone happy.

If there is snow😊
View from Homer.
Looking down on Homer from our evening walk.
Layla in the snow.
Michelle cooling off.
No it wasn’t really snow, it was ice from the ice rink next to where we are staying tonight.

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