Monday 6th June 2022

Today we have headed south to Fritzlar the southern most point on this trip, the journey today was only 48 miles and we bombed down the motorway to get here, well chugged along at 55 mph. Mind you some of the German cars that flew past us were going so fast they must have broken the sound barrier.

Fritzlar is a small town with a medieval centre ringed by a wall with numerous watch towers, one tower “ The Grey Tower” is the highest remaining urban defence tower in Germany. We decided to split the exploration into two parts doing the interior in the afternoon and the walls for our evening walk.

View from Homer.

Tonight’s stellplatz is right against the town walls, there are 8 official motorhome spaces with electricity ( paid by coin) for a cost of 7 euros for the night. It’s amusing that over the past week or so everywhere we have stayed has been full quite early in the day but tonight we have the whole 8 spaces to ourselves.

We had a short sharp shower at lunchtime and this couple picked up their table and food and sheltered in the archway that leads into a part of the town😊
Town square, a few restaurants open, nothing else.

The evening walk was completed in lovely warm sunshine which continued quite late on into the evening and we were able to sit out and have a drink.

Michelle wouldn’t let me put padlocks through the chains as didn’t trust me to let her out again.
No sign of Rapunzel.
Late night view.

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