Dunkirk- Auchan hypermarket. Schermbeck Germany.

Sat 26th October 2018

Over the past few weeks our off spring have announced they would like to spend Christmas with us, something we are more than happy with, so we decided to drive 250 miles to Auchan hypermarket in Dunkirk France to pick up a few things in readiness (joking of course).

We were actually driving 490 miles to Schermbeck in Germany to spend the weekend celebrating our special friend Wolfgang’s 70th birthday.

Wolfgang, his wife Arzu and daughter Bedia always make us super welcome and within minutes of our arrival there was a wonderful spread on the table to refresh us after our journey, I then relaxed watching children’s tv, in German of course, I didn’t understand a word!

It was quite a tiring day, yesterday evening we did an 80 mile return journey to drop Layla off at our daughters as she is dog sitting for us, I then managed 2.5 hours sleep before we left home at 12.30am. The route south was marred by two motorway closures and numerous reductions in lanes open, we were booked on the 6.20am train but arrived early and made the 5.15 one instead.

We had planned to call in at Auchan as it’s only 1 kilometre off route and arrived at 7.45am, it didn’t open until 8.30 am so we had a quiet few minutes rest, from 8.20 onwards people were queuing up to get in. We did a quick whizz round to purchase a few items we wanted and were back on the road at 9.00am European time to finish the next 240miles of our journey.

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