Party Time.

October 28th 2018

We had a slow start to the day yesterday after our long trip on Friday, then after a late brunch we helped Arzu and Wolfgang transport equipment to the venue for his birthday party.

Back at the apartment we changed and went back to the hotel for 5.30 pm.

The first guests began to arrive around 6 pm and when all forty people had turned up Wolfgang thanked everyone by name for being there including us who had travelled all the way from England. Then he and a friend Hugo commenced the evening by playing and singing a few songs before they were joined by daughter Bedia and Arzu who both sang solos.

This was followed by a wonderful hot buffet meal and all evening the drinks were free! Dancing went on for hours with a mixture of music from the 60s and 70s onward and modern Turkish music.

Around midnight we enjoyed a piece of birthday cake and then the night of entertainment continued until 2am.

Needless to say it wasn’t an early start to today and after a late brunch we went for a long walk in the countryside in the bracing autumn air, then Wolfgang and I went back to the hotel and filled our cars with the equipment and presents we had left there the night before.

A quiet relaxing evening finished our day.

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