The journey home.

Monday 29th October.

We all had to rise early this morning, Arzu was returning to work after a fortnight’s holiday and Bedia back to school, having to catch the school bus at 8am.

Notice the huge back packs they have to carry back and forth.

We made even closer friendship with Bedia this visit, amazing as we don’t speak a word of each others language! As a result she wanted us to wait at the bus stop with her.

After the bus departed we began our journey at 8.15am, the first 50 miles we did on ordinary German roads joining the motorway at Venlow in Holland, the motorway then took us into Belgium and finally France as we arrived at the Eurotunnel. We had a two hour wait but boarded an earlier train and swiftly we were transported to the Uk.

The M20 was as always a pain because of roadworks, but thankfully we kept moving, only grinding to a halt on the M25 by Heathrow where planes landing kept us occupied. A swift drive up the M40 and M42 saw us arrive home at 7.15pm, ignoring the time difference it took us 12 hours door to door, altogether we travelled 970 miles and averaged 54mpg. We were greeted enthusiastically by Layla and she’d had a great time with our daughter Steph and partner Will.

A sad footnote is that I woke in the night feeling unwell and have spent today rushing back and forth to the toilet spending some time on the big white telephone.

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