Shed Loads of Fun

November 4th 2018

As Im sure many will know being a parent of adult children brings a different role in life, instead of leading assistance, you find yourself on the receiving end of “invitations” to help, which of course it’s a pleasure to receive.

*Usually it starts with a phone call.

*Often for help in a practical way.

* Normally requires me to fill the boot with tools.

The latest call for help came from our youngest daughter, she and her partner had bought a new larger shed to replace two aging ones that were in the garden when they took over their current property.

So yesterday Michelle and I drove the forty miles to their home where we spent the day emptying and dismantling the old sheds.

Then today accompanied by my son Matthew and Gran, we returned, everyone took on different roles, yesterday’s demolition site was tidied up and a bonfire lit.

Slowly the shed was constructed, levelling the base proved difficult but once done the rest of the shed began to fall into place, during the afternoon the weather got more and more dismal and the light began to fade, we hurried to felt the roof with me perched on the top like a garden gnome. As we knocked in the last few felt tacks the first spots of rain began to fall. We haven’t quite finished windows and doors need fitting and a new log store is required, so next Saturday calls.

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