Horses and seals.

Wednesday 29th May 2019

We made a rapid departure from the Falkirk Wheel this morning and headed the short distance to the other side of Falkirk to visit The Kelpies.

The Kelpies are 60m high statues of horse head sculptures, standing next to the Forth and Clyde canal and depict Kelpies which are ” shape shifting water spirits” creatures that emerge from water and take the form of horses whilst looking for victims to take back into the water and drown.

The statues were really wonderful and well worth the visit.

From here we drove south of and skirted Edinburgh until we reached the coast and visited Dunbar. Dunbar is on the N.E. coast of East Lothian it is steeped in history and was an important Scottish Fortress and once sheltered Mary Queen of Scots. Dunbar was the birth place of John Muir who emigrated to America and eventually was instrumental in the formation of Yosemite National Park.

From there we headed to Eyemouth which is 5 miles north of the English border and boasts a natural harbour, fishing here dates back to the 13th century, like many places in the 18th century smuggling of wine, spirits, tea and tobacco was rife.

When we walked round to the harbour we were delighted to see seals swimming and hoping to be fed by the tourists.

Our next stop was Berwick on Tweed where we are staying tonight, we tried to park in town but couldn’t find a suitable spot so we headed to the camp site and then walked the 1.5 mile trip back into town and had a walk around.

Berwick is a town in Northumberland at the mouth of the river Tweed, it is only 2.5 miles from the Scottish border. It has had a turbulent history with its ownership repeatedly exchanging between England and Scotland before finally falling into English hands in 1482. Thankfully we found it quite peaceful and the natives pleasant and helpful.

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