A wheely good day – haste ye back.

Tuesday 28th May 2019.

The day started in true motorhoming tradition with a trip to Lidl, this one being in Stranraer. Having filled up with the basics to keep us going, bread, chicken and whisky not necessarily in the order of priority, we headed north along the coast towards Ayr.

It was stunning scenery with the sea next to you most of the way, we saw the island Ailsa Craig off shore and that was magnificent, photo taken on the move and doesn’t do it justice.

We drove around Glasgow to our destination the Falkirk Wheel a feature we’d seen on tv and had on our wish list to visit.

The Falkirk Wheel was designed to reconnect the Forth and Clyde canal to the Union Canal which had had no connection since the original flight of 11 locks were dismantled in 1933. The flight of original locks had been filled in and built over so a new site and system had to be designed. It was designed by Edinburgh architect Tony Kettle and built by the Derbyshire company Butterly Engineering. The cost of the project was £17.5 million pounds and took 22 months to construct instead of the projected 24 months.

The wheel stands 115ft tall and can lift loads of 300 tonnes in each of the two ” gondola” however because it works on Archimedes principal of water displacement it only takes a small amount of electricity on each rotation, approx the same as boiling 8 electric kettles.

We splashed the cash £25 pounds for us both and took a ride on one of the boats that takes you up does a few hundred metres along the canal turns round and then you descend again, you get no sense of movement whilst on the wheel you are just aware of the scenery changing.

We are staying here for the night and now all the visitors have gone there are just 4 motorhomes overnighting.

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