Keep the home fires burning.

Sat 25th January 2020

Any visit we make during the Autumn, late winter and early spring involves keeping the house warm.

This trip we have been lucky as for January it has been quite mild, we have eaten lunch outside in the sunshine on every day bar two since arrival, albeit wearing a thick jumper or a fleece.

This has meant on most days we haven’t lit the house fires until late afternoon, when there are just the two of us here we have two fires we fire up, an open fire in the dining kitchen and a wood burning stove in the small lounge. In our large lounge we also have a very large wood burner capable of pumping out 14kw of heat, this is only in use when we have guests.

We buy the wood by the cubic metre and it comes in 1 metre lengths, the kitchen fire and large lounge fire can take 50cm pieces but the small lounge wood burner we are currently using only takes up to 40cm lengths. This means I spend a considerable amount of time cutting the logs into either halves or thirds. Thankfully we have two petrol chain saws that can tackle the work but there is still a lot of graft required in the lifting, cutting and stacking the cut logs. So far this holiday we have cut up a cubic metre of logs and as many of them are seasoned oak it’s been quite hard work.

We do also have a number of electric convector heaters that we bring into play as and when necessary in areas such as the bathrooms and bedrooms.

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