Saint Vincent-de-Connezac – Nr Riberac.

Sunday 19th January 2020

Another Sunday another vide grenier and brocante. It has been beautifully sunny today but with a cool wind so we wrapped up warm to go and visit a place we had only driven through before.

When we arrived it was extremely busy, there were cars parked all along the road and down side lanes for hundreds of metres and large numbers of people were walking towards the town as though going to a football match. When we arrived we could see that the main road through the town had been closed and traffic diverted down a narrow lane around the town. It was very busy there must have been over 200 stalls selling items from one euro to hundreds of euros, slightly more upmarket than the usual car boot effect, that being the addition of the brocante element. Unusually for us we didn’t buy anything!

Over the past week we have occupied ourselves with numerous tasks and as the weather, apart from yesterday, has been sunny and dry most of the work has been outdoors. The area has suffered some storms with high winds over the past few months bringing down many trees, we discovered two trees adjacent to our fence in our neighbours field had blown over and were leaning at 45 degrees over our tractor tunnel, so they took half a day to cut down in sections, we also had one of our trees split and I had to cut away half of that. A few hundred feet from the house on the edge of the lane a large ancient oak tree had split and been blown down.

It also came to our attention that there was an area of our roof that needed the tiles realigning, so out came the ladders and scaffolding tower and muggings here spent a day on the repair. It was very windy that day, some of you may remember a character called Fred Dibnah who was a T V personality and steeplejack known for demolishing mill chimneys, it seemed no matter how high up he was or what precarious position he got into, his flat cap stayed glued firmly to his head, I can’t say the same for me, twice I had to rescue mine as it blew away across the roof.

Twice this morning and again all afternoon we had a power cut, this isn’t unusual in this area as cables are strung between trees alongside the lanes and often come down. We are well set up,to deal with it, with torches, candles etc, the wood fires keep us warm and we cook on a gas hob so we can manage quite well. At one point Michelle pointed out that even if we wanted to go out in the evening should the power cut continue, there was nowhere to go! It’s Sunday and there is nowhere open in this area during the evening to go and sit, have a drink etc there’s something to be said for a British Pub.

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