St Astier – Nr Perigeux

Sunday 12th January.

DON’T They Know It’s Not Christmas Anymore.

We took advantage of the cold but sunny weather to take a ride out to St Astier which was hosting a Vide Grenier.

As daughter Sophie will remember we were last there in February of 2019 and it lashed down with rain and there were only a few hardy stall holders braving the weather. Today there was a good turnout of stalls with lots of interesting bits and pieces, we restricted ourselves to only spending 12 euros on a throw for the settee in this house.

St Astier is a small historic town on the River Isle (L’Isle) and was much more pleasant to walk around in the sunshine than the lashing rain. We walked from the town centre down to the bridge and then along the river to give Layla a chance to run around off the lead.

It was amusing but interesting at the same time to see that all the Christmas decorations were still in place, in these country towns the decorations are often hand made, not too fussy and run with the same colour scheme through the streets.

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