La Maison Francaise.

January 10th 2020

Well here we are back again at our second home, due to a variety of commitments and health treatments we haven’t been here for five months, so there was a degree of trepidation of what we might find on arrival.

We left home on the 9th at 5pm to catch the 10.45pm Brittany Ferries crossing to Caen. We haven’t taken this crossing for some time as we have been using the ferry to Le Havre with its dog friendly cabins. However the one ferry to Caen, the “Normandy” now takes dogs, as the journey from Caen to our house is shorter, quicker and a little cheaper with regard to tolls we decided to give it a go.

We were quite impressed, there is a defined parking area for vehicles with dogs which is immediately adjacent to a corridor with the dog friendly cabins. The dogs have to wear muzzles for the journey to and fro the cabin which Layla hates but it did stay on for 3 minutes, you are met at the car by a member of the crew who shows you to your cabin on deck 5 and did the same in reverse this morning, it worked well so congratulations to Brittany Ferries.

When we started our journey it began to rain heavily and our route through the Cotswolds was pretty miserable visibility was poor and the road flooded in places. Thankfully after Oxford it began to dry up and the rest of the journey was much easier, except for the Smart motorway work and the 50mph speed limit for mile after mile on the approach to Portsmouth. Today’s drive was different, it was pitch dark when we left the ferry at 7.30am and it didn’t get light until after 9am, thankfully it was a dry day and gradually it got brighter and brighter the further South we drove and we arrived at the house in sunshine and 12 degrees.

Thankfully we found nothing amiss on arrival, apart from one roof tile that had blown off , but even replacing that should be easy as it is on the edge of the roof. The grass and trees hadn’t gone too mad with growth so it shouldn’t take us too long to get everything back to normal. The interior of the house was as you can imagine cold, but dry and now after a few hours of the log fires roaring away it is beginning to warm up.

The evening is going to be spent sitting, toasting toes and sipping something alcoholic.

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