Tintern Abbey and Monmouth.

Jan 1st 2020 – New Year’s day – New Decade.

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels on a campsite at The Royal Oak Inn approx 1 mile from Monmouth in Wales.

We came here via Tintern Abbey ( not Tintagel Abbey) as I kept mistakenly saying. There is good parking there and it’s possible to stay overnight.

Tintern Abbey is a magnificent13th century abbey nestling along side the River Wye and was originally founded for Cistercian monks in 1311, unfortunately it was closed for New Year’s day so were only able to view it from outside the walls.

From Tintern we drove to Monmouth where we didn’t find easy parking for motorhomes but as some car parks were pretty empty we parked across 2 bays. We had a slow ramble around the town but as it is a bit of a gray day the light was beginning to fade so we quickly drove the short distance to to tonight’s resting place.

We drew our New Year road trip to an end with a meal in the Royal Oak, safe in the knowledge that we didn’t have to drive anywhere afterwards. So the end of one trip but all being well the start of the next decade’s explorations.

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