Bergues Northern France

Monday 2nd Sept 2019 – Day 1

We left Peterborough this morning via Tesco’s where we stocked up with a few more provisions including more bras for Michelle!

It wasn’t too long on our journey south that we ground to a halt and spent the next 45minutes moving a few car lengths at a time, when we got to the point of the holdup there had been a horrific accident. A new Range Rover had been damaged almost beyond recognition it was just a battered wreck, if the driver survived that they would have been lucky, there was also a delivery van that had lost its rear end and two lorries that I couldn’t see the damage they’d suffered. It put the 45 minute delay into perspective.

We continued south and used the Dartford Crossing on our way to the tunnel, we arrived there at 1.30 pm and we were given the option to board the 2.50 pm train instead of the 4.20pm one were booked on, we were more than happy to take the opportunity.Boarding and passport control went smoothly and quickly and after a 35 min trip we were in France. Unfortunately another accident on our route held us up and we took a long convoluted diversion to our stopover tonight at Bergues, a free aire, there are about 20 vans here for the night.

Bergues is a commune in the Nord Dept of northern France about 15k from the Belgian border. It has a history going back over a 1,000 years and a famous belfry that was started in the 13C rebuilt in 1383, again in the 16C and restored in the 19C, it was destroyed in 1944 and rebuilt in 1961. It has a carillon of 50 bells which ring every 15 minutes which we can hear quite clearly from where we are parked. The ramparts around the town are 5,300 metres long and it has a defensive canal running along side the walls.

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