Every nook and cranny.

August 30th 2019

Homer’s wheels are resting at the Caravan and Motorhome site at Ferry Meadows near Peterborough after a stop start journey of 100 miles crawling through road works with a 50 mile limit and enduring two lengthy stops for accidents.

We are here for the annual family gathering where we travel from near and far to meet up and exchange news and catch up on gossip.

I mentioned in a previous blog how we had emptied every cupboard and locker in Homer, examined the contents and discarded everything we thought we could leave behind for our trip to Europe. For the past two days we have been refilling every nook and cranny with what we feel are essentials for the journey plus a few luxury items. Clothes and shoes are packed, paper backs from the charity shop, maps and guide books have all been stowed away. Food basics to make up meals are under a seat locker enough to last several weeks and the fridge is groaning and bulging, mainly with food for Layla.

We are here in Peterborough until Monday morning and this has added an extra dimension to our planning to be away.

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