An engaging weekend.

August 24th-26th 2019

We took Homer to north Shropshire to our daughter Steph and her partner Will’s home. When they got engaged in June we didn’t have the opportunity to have a get together to celebrate the happy news.

So the August Bank Holiday weekend was selected for a get together and luckily the weather was superb.

Michelle and I arrived on Saturday and we helped to get everything set up including building 2 settees out of pallets, these became great talking points during the celebration as people suggested improvements/ developments.

During Sunday the guests, family and friends arrived at varying times and Will aided by Matt produced a very enjoyable bbq. accompanied by salad from Steph’s vege patch. Sophie and Michelle had both been baking and there were a range of desserts for afterwards.

Monday we helped tidy up and pack away, Homer is now on our drive slowly being filled with clothes, maps, guide books and other essentials for our trip which commences on Friday.

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