August 18th 2019

We are closing in on our next trip which commences on Friday 30th August in Cambridgeshire and then on to the continent for approx 5 weeks.

We have spent some time emptying every drawer, cupboard and locker, examining every item with care and deciding if it needs to remain in Homer for our longish trip as we need space for different items. Unfortunately Layla has had to remain in the house as she wasn’t being too helpful!

One problem that had to be addressed was LPG supply. Currently we use two 6kg swappable bottles that in good weather last us for some time, however with the unknown before us and the inability to access the same bottles on the continent I decided as many have before us to fit a refillable LPG bottle.

I wont pretend it was easy, I had to fit the filler point to the skirt of Homer and then turn the feed through 90 degrees to enter the gas bottle locker, it wasn’t at all complicated just need 3 hands on occasion but eventually with a few skinned knuckles as evidence we drove to a LPG filling station only 3 miles from home where the 22 litres of gas only cost £11 in comparison to the usual £24 when I exchange the 6 kg one that contains 11litres.

I have kept one 6kg connected as a back up should the larger tank run out and we aren’t near a filling station, I’ve downloaded an app that shows filling stations across Europe so hopefully all will go well.


One Reply to “Preparation.”

  1. We have been cleaning and clearing our motorhome, surprising what you carry just in case you might need it. We are in the Dordogne at the moment and the weather is very on and off hoping it settles down soon.
    Enjoy your up coming travels.

    Karen and John


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