Rainy day blues -Tardinghen

September 22nd 2018

Late last night when I took Layla out for her pre bed time walk she met her first hedgehog, it was quite amusing to watch, she was very gentle and sat watching it, but was mighty confused that it didn’t move and want to play!

At 8 o’clock this morning my son phoned to say he had broken down in a country lane close to where he was living, when I asked what am I supposed to do about it from 300 miles away, he said nothing really just thought I’d let you know as I walk back! It did then occur to him he couldn’t remember where he’d put the contact details for our shared Greenflag membership, so after some time on my ipad I was able to provide him with that info.

Today has been wet all day, ranging from drizzle to heavy showers, it has been the first time in 8 weeks that it has rained during the day and prevented us doing what we would normally do, damn weather so unreliable😂

We walked back up into Montreuile this morning to the Saturday market but the weather had obviously kept some stall holders away and it wasn’t particularly large, we walked around a different area of the town and finished with a few hundred metres along the ramparts where Layla did her no fears of heights act and Michelle repeated her heart attack.

It was only a short drive to tonight’s aire and we drove here along what is known as the Opal coast which must be beautiful in the sunshine, the following two shots are of the coast about 2 miles from where we are, taken through the windscreen.

We decided to celebrate the last night of this trip on French soil by enjoying some Confit de Canard, which is preserved duck, something we both enjoy. However our cheap tin opener we’ve had for years but never used wouldn’t pierce the tin let alone open it. Never mind with a bit of ingenuity and the use of a strong knife and a pair of pliers I was able to extract the duck, I cooked it along with garlic potatoes in our new Remoska oven.

We were able this evening to get the ipad to connect to the BBC so we watched Strictly Come Dancing, the first time we’ve seen a moving image for 8 weeks, normally we read quietly.

Tomorrow all being well we take the ferry back to the UK.

One Reply to “Rainy day blues -Tardinghen”

  1. Enjoyed the blogs and what you are both up to. Safe crossing back to wet and windy England ( or so I’m told ). See you soon when / if ? We return 😃 xxx

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